Karnou Traction Machin

-Lift Traction Machines are very important items in elevators, -worm gears are main factor in RPM reduction and safety. Karnou machine with 2500 Kg static loud and 450 Kg payload is more suitable machine for medium (up to 10 stories )buildings. low consumption electricity ampere and good electromotive efficiency are the other important factors in this machine.

Brand Name :
Model :
Place of Origin :
worm gear traction :
Ac2 / 3Vf
450 Kg payload :
2500 Kg static load

Product description

-New design ,Extra static loud

-more suitable and  powerful traction machine for 6 person elevators up to 8 stories(27 mt).

-more powerfull static loud machine

-noiseless and low consumption , long life 

-3vf & Ac2 models.

-One year guarantee

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