Luxery Lift

This model designed for Medium Rise buildings up to 19 stories. Noise less, Medium speed ,very comfortable,Long Life, nice decoration,automatic doors ,Safe , with energy saving systems.

Brand Name :
Montana Asansor
Model :
Shiraz lift
Place of Origin :
High Lux :
Supper Salone
Medium Rise :
Medium Speed
3vf system :
Energy saving

Product description

MTC Lift depend on 25 years experince  provide Luxery Lift model in variouce nice design decoration  for Medium  rise buildings up to 21 stories, we brings all nesscory items together for a High  Lux Model ,Nice OPB with LCD monitor ,Noise Less,Safe, 3vf speed ,(full control speed ) ,Sellective and Collective down systems(which is most important to energy and time saving), and Low cost elevator .we are sure to satisfy you and your technical  groupe with other  optional items too.

MTC Lift Co.
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